All agents are not created equal.

In our MLS, we have over 8,000 active agents, and the average agent only sells four to six homes per year. Last year, my team and I sold over 125 homes, with 100 of those being my personal listings.

If your listed your home recently but it failed to sell, there are three reasons why:

1. The information your agent gave you when you started. Did they know about the market’s absorption rate and how it could affect your home sale? Did they know how to stage a property? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a failed listing and spotted just a handful of little fixes that would’ve netted the seller top dollar, and I’d love to talk more about this topic with you.

“If you listed your home but it failed to sell, there”

2. Your agent just threw your home on the MLS instead of advertising it properly. The MLS is a great tool, but it’s only as good as its user. There are 8,000 homes for sale on the MLS, and last month, 3,000 of them sold, which means 5,000 of them failed to sell. How good is the MLS if your agent doesn’t know how to use it?

As far as advertising goes, I personally spend $25,000 per month out of my own pocket to make sure buyers see your home with our company’s name attached to it. When those buyers come to us, we bring them to your property first because that’s what you hired us to do—sell your home.

3. Your home was mispriced. When I visit your property, we can make a plan to sell it for top dollar. Your home’s price may go up, drop a little bit, or stay the same, but no matter what, once we see its features and benefits, we’ll be able to determine the perfect price to help it sell.

So, before you decide to rehire the same agent or hire another agent who was referred to you, consider hiring an agent such as myself who has a proven track record. At 2:38 in the video above, you can see some examples of homes that previously failed to sell that we successfully sold.

If you’d like to list your home with us, go ahead and message us on our website or reply to this email with the words “15 minutes with Tina” in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.