Today, I’ll go over four questions you need to ask when interviewing an agent to help you buy or sell a home.

“A good agent is available to their clients at all times.”

1. What is your experience? In the Triangle, we have about 5,000 real estate agents. The average agent sells 6 to 10 homes a year, but many agents sell even less than that. In our market, the top 50 agents sell the majority of homes. Last year, for instance, we sold 200 homes. You don’t want to hire a newer agent who will be practicing their skills on your property. You need an experienced professional to guide you through what is most likely the biggest transaction of your life.

2. What is your communication plan? A good agent is available to their clients at all times via phone, text, or email. Will this agent communicate rapidly with you? We have many references that show how actively we communicate with our clients.

3. Are you an active or passive agent? Active agents are aggressively looking for buyers and sellers each day. An active agent will be able to describe their plan for finding buyers for your property, or if you’re a buyer, they will have a plan to match you with the right property. Passive agents will put a sign in your yard, sit back, and hope and pray that somebody will show up. Don’t settle for a passive agent.

4. Do you have the right tools to sell my home? Do they have systems in place? Can they generate leads? Can the agent bring buyers to the property so that you will get offers? That’s exactly what you need to know. On our team, we have 151 steps from the time we list the home to the closing table that we do for every single one of our clients to ensure their success.

If you have any questions about today’s video, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!