La Dondria Morris is our expert when it comes to investing in residential real estate. She and her husband together own 55 rental properties! Based on her expertise and experience, today La Dondria will share how you can evaluate whether or not a home is a good investment, be it their first home or their tenth. 

Whenever she speaks with someone who is buying their first investment property, La Dondria always first asks them what their objective is, be that income, appreciation, or to bond and hold the properties for anticipated growth. This information helps her to know in which areas to help her clients look for investments and to educate her clients along the way.  Depending on your objective, different parts of the Triangle will be better in terms of buying investment properties.

“The most important factor to look for in an investment property is the location.”

Not surprisingly, La Dondria feels the most important factor to look for in an investment property is the location. What is the property close to? What amenities are nearby? Whether or not a property is rentable will depend on not just the area the property itself is located in, but also on the surrounding areas. 

La Dondria is what I like to call a “serial entrepreneur”: She owns so many businesses (over seven!) because whenever she finds that she has a need, she immediately looks for opportunities to grow. 

If you want great business or investment advice, I strongly suggest you reach out to the Caul Group and ask for La Dondria. You’ll be in great hands.

If you have any questions about buying, selling, or investing in real estate, reach out and give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to be your real estate resource.